The gifts were five: Fame, Love, Riches, Pleasure, Death.      去书内

  • From my perspective, I will choose love. I believe that love have the magic to help you overcome all the difficulities. It is like sun, which can drive the coldness from human's faces.

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  • Death,a special gift,never can we refuse it.

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  • Except for death,all of the five gifts are attractive.

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  • Death is also a gift? This sentence arouse my curiosity.

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  • They are the most precious gift that all of us wants to own,however,we have to make choice when we encounter dilemma.For me,I prefer to choose love,because I can try my best to earn fame,money and other shallow thing accompanied with love and support from my parents and friends.

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  • I think the reason why death was among them is that only death can motivate you to cherish everything and start to do something meaningful.

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  • Maybe many people,inclding me,wouln't take the gift "death" as a gift.And in our mind,many youth might not choose Fame and Riches.

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  • I think many people would be surprised when seeing death is gift just like me. In my opinion, the reason why the author regards death as gift is that fame, love, riches and pleasure may bring us haoppiness in a short time, they would finally bring us sadness. But death makes us free from that.

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  • Death is also included into the gifts for us? Everyone must face the death since his birth,it is an unavoidable step of our life.However, to think a liitle deeper,death means that we come back to the most simpleminded state whithout worries, failures, sadness and pain.

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  • Most of us must be surprised when we see death is also included in the gifts. However, let's just imagine that we are immortal and watching those we love die before us. It is no doubt painful so we have to admit that death is a gift the god gives us.

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