Hearts are made to be broken. We are all in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars. The story mainly tell us a poor man in pursuit of the princess. The princess promised to dance with him as long as there was a rose in full bloom. In order to have a chance to dance with the princess, he promised her to find a rose in full bloom in the winter. Then a nightingale came seeking roses for him on the cold winter day and night, and asked the rose if they would have a rose to bloom. After asked many times, one rose would have bloomed, but for a red rose with the blood of his heart and the melody of his voice. At dawn the nightingale dragged her weary body to take the rose to the poor man, who took it to the ball, but at last the princess chose to dance with the prince, and said to him, I prefer jewels to roses. The story shows humanity and reality.