After Reading


     When your love cannot support your survival, how should you

choose?      The so-called people have their own ambitions, and each of

us has dreams that are either grand and grand, or ordinary and

comfortable.  Some of us look up to stars at night, and some yearn for

the bright stage.  We fantasize about the day when our dreams come true,

and we cherish each night alone.      But just like the paradox of love

and bread, our ideals and love do not necessarily support our survival. 

Admittedly, love will be the biggest motivation for work, but it is rare

to be able to achieve top-notch people in all walks of life.  When

reality desperately forces you to bow your head, how do you choose?   

 Looking up at the moon in the sky, or leaning over to pick up the six

pence on the ground?      This is Strickland's choice without thinking.

    From a successful stockbroker, a father of children, a husband of a

sociable woman, he suddenly fled everything he has now, from London to

Paris, and drifted to the picturesque island.  painting.      He said, I

have no choice but to paint.      He confessed that his wife had burnt

down the living hut and the paintings in it, and only the rare works by

accident were left for future generations to appreciate.  Then he passed

away peacefully.      He chased the moon in his heart.      Strickland

has the fanaticism of the preacher and the frankness of the fanatics. 

Leaving aside his family's betrayal and women's playfulness, he really

disregarded everything, just for his dreams.  This is the peace in his

heart.      It depends on how we define "tranquility."   

 "Do you want to do what you want to do, and live in a comfortable

environment for you, and let your heart be at peace is to punish

yourself? Could it be successful to become a surgeon with an annual

income of tens of thousands of pounds?  I think it depends on how you

see the meaning of life, what you think you should contribute to

society, and what you should ask of you." Arrogant words penetrate

the dust of history, and always in this age of material desires. Those

who wavered issued warnings.  Some people believe that there will be

souls after death, but many people have no souls when they are alive. 

They took all the rhetoric from their childhood as a joke, and waved

disdainfully at the little figure desperately struggling behind them,

plunging into the chaos of material desire, money, and capital.  Their

hearts are promotion, salary increase and social status. They gradually

forget who they are and the child who raised his head and looked forward

to the future.      But life is about giving up what you have in

exchange for what you want.  How many of us can let others talk and

chase what we want all the time?  How many of us, because of the

dissuasion of others, "this profession has a bad employment

prospect", "this profession is too tired" and gave up the

school I have been thinking about for a few years...      The world

abused Strickland, saying he was irresponsible and that he was ashamed

of his family.  He dismissed it, and he had painting, which was the

peace in his heart.      I only hope our choice will make us peaceful.

    The lights hide the starry sky, and the haze blocks the moon.   

 People often see what people love, but gradually forget what they love.

    It is true that most of us are not so tall, and everyone hopes that

they can lead a better life.  But this does not mean that we should

compromise, succumb, and let go.  We are endless in our pursuit of a

better future, but this does not mean that we should forget who we are. 

Now we are the best of us, we are still young, and our dreams have not

been taken coldly by the actual sea.  We should firmly grasp the burning

dream, never give up, always look up, and always look up to practice

moonlight.      I understand that following the rules is not necessarily

happiness, but I want to embark on a wilder journey.  I think I should

watch out for these easy joys, and my heart longs for a more dangerous

life.  I am willing to go to the steep mountains and the rough beaches

at any time, as long as I can have change-the excitement of change and

unexpected things gives me.      Life is more than endless love.