Stay firmly


  The novel tells the story of an old fisherman named Sandiago who caught a big marlin after eighty-four days of no harvest, but returned home exhausted after fighting with sharks and only able to harvest a pair of fish bones. The novel is set in sea, symbolizing the difficulties and hardships on the road of life, testing the characters' spirit and soul in the twists and turns again and again. In the third-person narrative, Sandiago's image of "unyielding man" is fully presented(and perhaps true to Hemingway himself), but much of it is hidden beneath the words. When Sandiago was alone in a dangerous sea, why did he cling to a big marlin? Is it just to feed the stomach? I don't think so. After being scorned and sneered at, especially when Manolin, his only trusted companion,left,he wanted to prove himself by burning once at the end of his life. This fish is not only a hope for survival, but also a proof of him.

   The scene that moved me most was when Sandiago came back with the bones of the fish. He looked so dispirited and lonely because he felt he had failed to bring the big fish back. This is in stark contrast to the public reaction. Manolin showed genuine admiration, while the other fishermen expressed admiration and apology for their previously unfriendly attitude. In practical terms, Sandiego is a failure, after all, he only brought back the bones of the fish; But from a spiritual point of view, he is also successful, he successfully proved his personal value as a fisherman, in the last part of his life still shine. This is his moment and the soul of the book. Perhaps we are not all lucky, can not always meet the fish, but I believe, when we have been able to persist, just like Sandiago,with the determination and will to win, even using the last "boat handle",we also have the hope of victory, even if the failure, we can put on a victorious posture, smile face.