Sister Carrie


The book is a true reflection of the plight  of those at the bottom of the social scale, when countless starving vagabonds begged, groaned, and waited for shelter  and food on a snowy night.In my opinion, Carrie is both a winner and a loser. She went to the big city alone with her young and beautiful and step by step towards glory; But her pursuit of vanity and illusory.In the face of bankruptcy Hurstwood,she chose to leave. She lived a good life, but gradually lost the moral bottom line. It was not until Hurstwood‘s downfall and death that Carrie began to think about what she was after. She sat in her rocking chair, dreaming of happiness that she might never get, and that was the end of her life. This is not only the sadness of her life, but also a reflection of the human nature of America at that time: vanity and ruthlessness. Generally speaking, it is the prosperity of capitalist society that causes Carrie’s sadness, but her brave spirit of pursuing dreams is worth learning.