Do not grow weary of listening to me for a brief space, since I have not been weary of loving you my whole life long.      去书内

  • I hoped what she memorized could reappear, but in that case they would encounter and love each other.

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  • Her love was condescending. Indeed, she never fought for a fair love relationship with the novelist. When she was a child, she admired him for his almost perfect characteristics. He was not only well-educated, deeply read, but also ardent, light-hearted young. She just watched and watched, fell in love with a man who had paid no attention to her at all. When she grew up, though she had tried her best to become outstanding and she succeeded in doing this, she didn’t ask for response. Instead, she had sex with the man without telling him that she was the little girl who had loved him since he became her neighbor. She put herself in a low position, and she never dare to express her feelings. Though we cannot say that the one who love more in a love relationship is the loser of love, a person who begs for love is always the one who get hurt most. From the beginning, she was doomed to lose.

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  • Although she loves you for her whole life long,she required little but for listening to her narration.Love  humbled a woman into nothing.This is love's essence.No equlity,no order,no reason.

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  • In the woman's words, I can see that the people around the woman were weary of listening to her and she was lonely in her whole life.

    For anyone, it is tough for anyone to keep doing a thing his whole life long indefatigably. Neverthelss, the woman in the story could keep not being weary of loving the writer in her whole life. This persistence is worth praising. Although the writer only saw the woman as a passer-by in his life, the woman regarded him as her forever lover, even to the point that she considered him as her whole world. This looks crazy, but this reveals her sincere love for the writer. This is a great love, and it worth our praising. She did not expect other things from the writer, other than mere a moment where he could listen to her quietly and did not grow weary. This request is simple and pure but reveals her real thoughts.

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  • Doedn't she have her own echo?How can a woman love a man like her?I don't understand.

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  • feel as if a knife piercing my heart

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  • like a sword stabbing my heart

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  • It's the last beg for the man. She loved him all these year, and hardly have the courage to tell. She beg him for listening, for the one last time. The woman, still, express her love cautiously, which make my heartache.

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  • The deep love from a desperate woman is so touching.

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  • She was spoony to the man for so many years. Although the man did not know her name at all, she also loved him so passiantely. That was a great suspense.

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