But I am sure that no one else has ever loved you so slavishly, with such doglike fidelity, with such devotion, as I did and do.      去书内

  • It is the special love.

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  • slavishly, doglike,what a awsome word for a woman to describe herself!I'm so touched....

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  • slavishly,doglikely,why a girl spoil herself in such a way?

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  • how menial the woman is!She liked the man deeply, but also desperately.

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  • I wonder why the woman has to put herself into a so humble stage. Yes, they have so much difference, she is poor and he is rich; he's stated and she is nobody-know girl. But love don't have to be so cautious and humble. The woman can respect him, but never diss herself.

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  • I have thought that love is just four-letter word, but when I read this sentence, I am a little astonished. This woman is so crazy about the man even though he didn't know her. I think such kind of love is unwise. We have right to love other of course, but we should love ourselves first. We should calm down and see the reality clearly so that we won't hurt ourselves. To be frank, I have never fallen in love with someone, I hope that I can be wise when facing love.

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  • In fact, she did nothing for the author. She just thinks she holds a deep love for the author in a slavish way. It's more a kind of self-perception than the reality. It's dangerous in fact, and that's why she can only write letters to this author to get redemption when she is at the edge of death for she is nearly lost herself in this cruel world.

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  • It is not a pleasing description using words like doglike fidelity. Possibly the woman is making self-mockery towards her shyness and unreasonable love. But this explanation doesn’t go for her actually since her love expressed in the letter is so pure without any regret. So the appropriate reason for her using such words might be simply conveying the pain of loving and never receiving the deserved love.

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  • I feel pity of this woman,for her love and her life.

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  • The woman's love towards the man is unnoticed love for she's only a child,but it really has great impact on her life,though it is hopeless and filled with doglike fidelity that the man can't even notice.

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