• 导读
  • When Ojo entered the room he ran quickly to the statue of Unc Nunkie and kissed the marble face affectionately.

    "I did my best, Unc," he said, with a sob, "but it was no use!"

    Then he drew back and looked around the room, and the sight of the assembled company quite amazed him.

    Aside from the marble statues of Unc Nunkie and Margolotte, the Glass Cat was there, curled up on a rug; and the Woozy was there, sitting on its square hind legs and looking on the scene with solemn interest; and there was the Shaggy Man, in a suit of shaggy pea-green satin, and at a table sat the little Wizard, looking quite important and as if he knew much more than he cared to tell.

    Last of all, Dr. Pipt was there, and the Crooked Magician sat humped up in a chair, seeming very dejected but keeping his eyes fixed on the lifeless form of his wife Margolotte, whom he fondly loved but whom he now feared was lost to him forever.

    Ozma took a chair which Jellia Jamb wheeled forward for the Ruler, and back of her stood the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and Dorothy, as well as the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger. The Wizard now arose and made a low bow to Ozma and another less deferent bow to the assembled company.

    "Ladies and gentlemen and beasts," he said, "I beg to announce that our Gracious Ruler has permitted me to obey the commands of the great Sorceress, Glinda the Good, whose humble Assistant I am proud to be. We have discovered that the Crooked Magician has been indulging in his magical arts contrary to Law, and therefore, by Royal Edict, I hereby deprive him of all power to work magic in the future. He is no longer a crooked magician, but a simple Munchkin; he is no longer even crooked, but a man like other men.

    As he pronounced these words the Wizard waved his hand toward Dr. Pipt and instantly every crooked limb straightened out and became perfect. The former magician, with a cry of joy, sprang to his feet, looked at himself in wonder, and then fell back in his chair and watched the Wizard with fascinated interest.

  • 内容简介
  • 李曼·法兰克·鲍姆(1856.05-1919.05),是美国作家、演员、报纸编辑,也曾是独立电影的电影监制。他以儿童文学而著称,最有名的要数《奥兹国历险记》(又称《绿野仙踪》),后来他又陆续创作奥兹国相关系列作品14本。他的第一本童话故事集是《鹅妈妈故事集》,一生共有约51部著作。

    The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum, is a children's novel, the seventh set in the Land of Oz. Characters include the Woozy, Ojo "the Unlucky", Unc Nunkie, Dr. Pipt, Scraps (the patchwork girl), and others. The book was first published on July 1, 1913, with illustrations by John R. Neill. In 1914, Baum adapted the book to film through his "Oz Film Manufacturing Company."

    In the previous Oz book, The Emerald City of Oz, magic was used to isolate Oz from all outside worlds. Baum did this to end the Oz series, but was forced to restart the series with this book due to financial hardships.[1] In the prologue, he explains how he managed to get another story about Oz, even though it is isolated from all other worlds. He explains that a child suggested he make contact with Oz with wireless telegraphy.[2] Glinda, using her book that records everything that happens, is able to know that someone is using a telegraph to contact Oz, so she erects a telegraph tower and has the Shaggy Man, who knows how to make a telegraph reply, tell the story contained in this book to Baum.

  • 作者简介
  • 莱曼•弗兰克•鲍姆(Lyman Frank Baum,1856年5月15日-1919年5月6日),美国作家、演员、报纸编辑,也曾是独立电影的电影监制。他生于纽约州,父亲是个桶匠,后来到宾夕法尼亚州开采石油并发了财。鲍姆的童年是在父亲的大庄园里度过的,他从小体弱多病,受到家人的特别关照。他对童话和幻想故事的迷恋几乎到了“白日梦”的程度,父母很担心这会影响他的性格发展,决心送他去军校。军校的严谨生活并没有改善他的性格,只导致他精神崩溃。父母只好把他从军校接回家,任由他发展自己的兴趣。

    《绿野仙踪》(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,1900年,又译为《神秘欧兹国》、《奥兹国之伟大巫师》)是他最有名的美国儿童文学著作。此书后被改编为电影《绿野仙踪》(1939年)。在《绿野仙踪》大受欢迎之后,陆续创作奥兹国相关系列作品14本。

    他的第一本童话著作是《鹅妈妈故事集》(Mother Goose in Prose,1897年),一生共有约60部著作。

    L. Frank Baum, Writer, born in Chittenango, New York, USA. A sickly child, he studied at home, became an actor (1870s), worked in the family oil business, then moved to South Dakota. While working as a journalist there, he wrote his first book, Father Goose: His Book, published in 1899 after he had moved to Chicago to work on a trade magazine for window decorators. It proved a success; but his next book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), was even more successful, and he adapted it for the musical stage in 1901. After travelling to Europe, he settled in Pasadena, CA (1902), where he turned out 13 more books in the Oz series and many other children's stories, mostly in the fantasy genre, using pen names such as Schuyler Staunton, Laura Bancroft, Captain Hugh Fitzgerald, Suzanne Metcalfe, Floyd Akens, and Edith Van Dyne. Although appreciated primarily as children's tales, the Oz books have also been read as incorporating Baum's views on American society.

  • 目录
    • Prologue
    • Chapter One Ojo and Unc Nunkie
    • Chapter Two The Crooked Magician
    • Chapter Three The Patchwork Girl
    • Chapter Four The Glass Cat
    • Chapter Five A Terrible Accident
    • Chapter Six The Journey
    • Chapter Seven The Troublesome Phonograph
    • Chapter Eight The foolish Owl and the Wise Donkey
    • Chapter Nine They Meet the Woozy
    • Chapter Ten Shaggy Man to the Rescue
    • Chapter Eleven A Good Friend
    • Chapter Twelve The Giant Porcupine
    • Chapter Thirteen Scraps and the Scarecrow
    • Chapter Fourteen Ojo Breaks the Law
    • Chapter Fifteen Ozma's Prisoner
    • Chapter Sixteen Princess Dorothy
    • Chapter Seventeen Ozma and Her Friends
    • Chapter Eighteen Ojo is Forgiven
    • Chapter Nineteen Trouble with the Tottenhots
    • Chapter Twenty The Captive Yoop
    • Chapter Twenty-One Hip Hopper the Champion
    • Chapter Twenty-Two The Joking Horners
    • Chapter Twenty-Three Peace Is Declared
    • Chapter Twenty-Four Ojo Finds the Darkwell
    • Chapter Twenty-Five They Bribe the Lazy Quadling
    • Chapter Twenty-Six The Trick River
    • Chapter Twenty-Seven The Tin Woodman Objects
    • Chapter Twenty-Eight The Wonderful Wizard of Oz