Comment of Sister Carrie

Sister Carrie used to be criticized as an immoral book because it exposed the cold side of capitalists and hurt some people's moral nerves. Now it seems very funny. Maybe Dreiser has realized this for a long time, so he said: "there is a common standard in society to judge everything. Men should be kind and women should be virtuous. Villain, why can't you do it Dreiser is worthy of everyone.


  • 颜颜子

    Seeing Hurstwood, I wanted to write about a man who was doomed to a life of inevitable tragedy. Though he was a little successful in the eyes of others,

    There was a happy family, a loving husband and wife, and a beautiful and proud daughter. They had a good manner in the world, and thus gained some respect from others

    Envy, some people's love. But actually, what about Hurstwood himself: he actually knew that, as a hotel manager,

    He could not argue, he could not say what he wanted, and he had a certain dogmatism of his own, so he did not do anything he could not do

    Ignore. He had a lot of desires, but he never revealed them to anyone, and no one cared about his desires. His wife is in appearance

    Affability, vanity, and love of flattery are combined to be a complete tragedy in others.